There's not much here, actually.
    My first computer ever was an Amstrad CPC 464 with a green monitor, which my parents bought me instead of an Atari 2600 video-console I had requested. How wise of them. Next came an Amstrad CPC 6128, again with a green monitor (couldn't afford a color one...) and finally an Atari 1040STFM -ahhh, with a whopping 1MB of RAM so I could have someting to deride my Amiga 500 friends about.
    I now am the happy owner of:
  • An Amstrad CPC464 of a quite rare revision number, as me and Kevin Thacker realised. It's in awesome condition, like it's never been used... =)
  • An Amstrad CPC6128, again in immaculate condition. Those Amstrads are equipped with a ROMbox, an RS232 interface and an external FD1 3" drive, an MP2 TV modulator and a GT65 green monitor - I should really buy a color one!
  • An Atari 1040STFM, the same model I used to have. It's soooo much fun transferring disk images back to it and playing games on the TV...
  • Two Atari MegaST1's. I never used to own such a machine, but it's pretty neat... Those two go with an Atari SM124 B&W monitor which has the best white color you've ever seen -it's a pleasure to work in hi-res on it...
  • And, finally, an Amiga 600 with a 3.2GB internal HDD, just because I couldn't resist owning an Amiga, even after all these years...

  •     So, what's this all about? Well, I've taken a lot from the various online scenes, on all formats, so I thought I'd give something back.
        I don't have much to offer, but this is my web space, so I thought I'd host any files you might wanna share with others, provided it's related to those old beasts... Just drop me a line and we'll work something out! (:

    And the first winner (sort of)is Matthias Uphoff with Das Software Experiment for Amstrad CPC. Seems great, but is in German. Ah well... You can also download the disk image that goes with it or a .zip file with the articles in RTF format; it includes the dsk as well. Have fun!

    Ok, I finally found time to upload three from the Dragon's Lair games and put a small page together. Go get them! All I'm asking for, since the stats for this site have not been implemented yet, is to email me with info on what you downloaded, so I can keep track of the bandwidth... Thanks.
       By the way, this started when Lisa asked for one of the series in the LGD forum. Magus Perd?, aka Stormwatch, aka Vassili offered to post them at the A.B.EM newsgroup and I asked him to mail them to me instead so I could host them here. He sent me most of the files -until I realised I had them too :D Oh well, I wouldn't have know if it wasn't for him mentioning the Pirate CD...

    Here you can find some schematics on how to connect an Atari ST/FM/e to an Amstrad monitor (!!) or an old composite monitor... Niiiice!

    Here and here you can find two pictures of the greatest joystick I've ever seen for the 8- and 16-bit computers. Made in Greece, this is the second version of the original (PacMan) called Tomahawk. Later models included an autofire switch and a second fire button.

     Upon request I uploaded the image files of Lost Patrol. Great game...

     Upon request I uploaded a rar (Winrar v3) archive of Tanglewood. Strange li'l game :)

     Added Test Drive, Test Drive 2: The Duel and The Supercars/California Challenge expansion disk. Also uploaded: GGN's Atari releases, check them out :)

     After some recent interest on the Steem mailing list, I added a small page on a ROM board I have, which plugs into the Atari's cartridge slot. Check it out :)

    ×UPD×   Ok, for all you pervert retro-lovers: I found some files for Amstrad lying around on my HDD and put them on .dsk images. Just some innocent fun with pixel pr0n! :D